To My Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Residents of the 5th Council District,

Most of us realize how important it is to bring our people, our neighborhoods and our resources together to make Pittsburgh an even better, safer and cleaner place to live and work. I'm running for the 5th District seat on City Council because of my deep passion to serve the people of the neighborhoods where I grew up. I have the experience, energy, and ability to bring people together to get this job done.

The people of Pittsburgh have shared their love, compassion and support with my family and me throughout our very public lives. You have also helped us make it through some of our most trying and most private moments. So I am running for the council seat from the 5th District to give back to our community, and to respond with my hard work, fresh vision, and best effort to serve the neighborhoods where I grew up.

Please, together, let's keep our eye on the ball and take on every challenge so that each of our neighborhoods can grow and thrive once again.

Corey O'Connor